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Disney High School AU
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A fan comic based on a human High School AU in which the sidekicks and mentors of Disney heroes work in a high school and teach their young charges. Lessons are learned, relationships are formed. It's all really slice of life, until its not.
This version was originally created by user !UrbanCowgirl804 [Deviantart - deactivated] and based in the same universe established in the written works of IncurableNecromantic [Ao3] with a little bit of my head canons and changes scattered here and there. Updates every week on Thursday or later depending on my schedule.


Just makin things for fun

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I'm back from hiatus hahahahhhaha ... eh sorry, i had to take a break and then the break needed a break but im gonna try and continue at a reasonable pace again. Here's a double update, starting here.
Author Note
What I want to know is if Peter is another foster kid! Specifically Hook's! Why does he know so much? And it seems like, if Hook does run a school, that he'd be trying to get him back in. Seems like Hook actually helps kids in this universe. Which I love. Beyond excited to see!
“Lol Peter”
I was wondering when we would get to see Peter. Looks like he has a relationship with Scully.

Love this comic!
Thank you for reading! You as well.
Thank you!