I Have Problems...
The Fall of Dissident Priest
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This former webcomic began as a long-winded illustrated parable explaining the existence and mechanics of systemic rape culture (even in non-patriarchical societies) to a skeptic. For a number of years the project was commercialized and strayed far from the original intent. However, all contractual agreements relevant to the shift have expired, and the project has been restored to its true intent with artwork closer to its original appearance.


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She was separated from her son for political reasons. Karla probably realizes that when she did have a chance to get back together with her son, that he either did not want to be found, or she relinquished her parental rights, and perhaps even both, because he was gay. Then she finds out that her son was having a sexual relationship as a minor with a man twice his age, because he ended up in prison for God knows that the guilt, anger, and sorrow that she must be experiencing because of her son's suicide must be crushing.
All this information seems to be breaking the poor woman and despite her homophobia I do feel kind of sorry for her
Priest of death (a cover up for the priest getting fellated by a child tattoo he was forcibly given) murdered two crime bosses.

8 years in prison are represented by the church spires.

Snake: I can't quite remember what the snake on his arm is. But I'm pretty sure it means "Enforcer of Punishment"

Cat: Thief


Broken rose: "I don't recognize the authority of the thieves-in-law"
Translation of Tsar’s tattoos?