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Lee Knutson
Last update: 7th Aug 2018, 4:32 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Samuel Garcia has been chosen to become the next deity, but his predecessor will do anything in his power to stop it. Can Sam ascend to godliness or will the current deity end his reign before it even begins?


I'm pretty sure I was a psychotic Unicorn in a past life... Hi! I'm Lee. I'm a (person?) who struggles with social interaction and understanding humans in general! I love to draw and create stories, but lack the attention span and determination to write it all down so hey, I figured "Let's create a story via drawing!" In short, I'm the kind of gay that can't be prayed away.

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Takeaways: Our main character is down an arm, and his nipples are prone to mysteriously vanishing.
Let's try this again...
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