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Webcomic profile: Devon Legacy Abridged
Devon Legacy Abridged
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Language: English
Genre: Action
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Last update: 11th Jul 2013, 12:33 PM
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Webcomic description

A very quick run through of the Devon Legacy. All the MEAT of each issue condensed to 1 page each!


Most recent comments left on Devon Legacy Abridged

5th Mar 2015
I get that a lot. It must be subconscious though! I didn't intend for it to happen! But I am a HUGE MegaMan fan too!

Cutter took me a bit but I finally realized he gave me an Optimus Prime vibe too!
Left on Issue 01-0 Planet's Struggle Inside Cover
5th Mar 2015
I like a lot the Codo Grand and Cutter Grand designs...Remind me of Megaman :)
Left on Issue 01-0 Planet's Struggle Inside Cover
11th Jul 2013
Well this will be the last Abridged page till the newest issue is completed.

This issue was the big finale of my alien story line and the Prologue. I LOVED making this issue ^_^ All the build up and everything came down to this point! Since it was my 1st story I wanted people to be sure that I do NOT mind killing off characters!

Knowing the Prologue was a 1 shot story before the real story began I could use that to my advantage as most people figured no one from DLP would survive to see the new story. One of my favorite things to see is a great big overcoming the impossible odds moment. Surviving the no hope situation.

Of course I had to pull out the Dues Ex Machina to do it for this particular story XD But that's acceptable sometimes too! And I think it worked extremely well to reveal a key aspect of Sally.

The big reveal of the Prologue was that Sally's chosen ability is simply that she is Eve. Yeah, that Eve from Adam and Eve. And pretty overpowered and God Like while Eve is in control.

I only made exceptionally small hints at this throughout the Prologue. The most being in issue 1-1. Where you see her cat's named Eve. Sally works in a greenhouse (gardens) at Eden. And she is forced out by the serpent which can either be viewed as the Predator Grands, or Project Warrioress. Her hair looks like a Cobra just for this reason alone XD
Also Fenny eats an apple =p

By the end of this issue the Cyros tell Fenny and Sally that they need to locate the other 5 chosen on Earth. So they can come together and stop something called Fathums.
Left on Issue 6 Grand Finale
11th Jul 2013
This is what is on the "inside cover" of DLP issue 6. Recapping the story thus far.
Left on Issue 6 Grand Finale inside cover recap
11th Jul 2013
This issue was so fun to make. Just about nothing but fighting. Though I had to get creative because it was mostly a battle of special abilities. Which is usually not near as fun as choreographing actual fight scenes. Not as fun to watch either.

But luckily Power Grand and Cutter Grand gave me a unique and effective way to make the battle not seem ripped from DBZ.

A lot of cool things came about this issue. The introduction of Mote and Tresha. Fenny's new armor. A much improved method of making explosions and energy. And the 1st real reveal for Sally's power.

Plus I killed almost every main character I had introduced :3
Left on Issue 5 The Roles We Play