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After a poorly (and lazily) constructed stunt to prove that demons don't exist, the Devil appears to claim what he's owed. Unbeknownst to him, he's been tricked into the contract known as (un)holy matrimony! While the Devil has a new slight advantage to filing his taxes, he must deal with the constant droning from his newish wife(?).
Unfortunately for him, she's not particularly bright or self-motivated. She's not too impressed either! Plagued by her constant hunger (particularly for the flesh of human men, and tasty, tasty newborns), the Devil tries his best to quell her pangs through honest means. The pair must endure the bizarre ensuing revelations in their newly self-created domestic hellscape. Maybe they'll stumble into the American dream along the way. Or run over it!

Black comedy slice of life about demons constantly hungry for the flesh of young infants.
Sort of a CotCA AU


Shekets, a loathsome object, an abomination.
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Awww, you can really feel the tension and the moment of sadness with them. I've really been enjoying this webcomic, nice job so far.
Haha! This will either be good or bad!
This is a beautiful page! I love the colors.
It's adorable how he carries her... :-3
Whoah! Burgers! That's a good suggestion! Lol