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Last update: 20th Jan 2020, 3:31 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Stupid dumb comic scribbles about my life with my favorite bad man

They either result in vague domestic abuse or me crying

The end!
May or may not actually be COTCA canon.


Shekets, a loathsome object, an abomination.
A POC goth with XX chromosomes. Cynical and jaded, not a nice creature.
Pronouns: Her Satanic Majesty (full, no buts or ifs!)

I really like golems and djinns (the traditional kinds).
Samael and Astaroth are my big homies.

I must consume meat on a regular basis, or untold disasters involving infanticide shall occur.

Ave disco Satanas

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Comic tweet hell: @cotcacomic
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I have not been well
This guy I work with and really like lead me on for 4ish months
My boss has been really cool about trying to make adjustments and changes to my work schedule so I can avoid this guy because I have started hurting myself lol
Author Note
Weeell, given the context for this strip, I guess it's a good sign that this comic hasn't updated in a while? <:)
Hey man, are you all right?
I drew this on Monday and put off uploading it kinda hoping I wouldn't fucking jinx myself, but here we fucking are boys and girls
Author Note
Time to be sad
Author Note