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Comic profile: Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas
A webcomic beyond belief.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:52 AM
Number of comics: 96
Number of subscribers: 11
Visitors: 9142 visitors (39541 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (128 votes)

Comic description

Thomas and PĂ©rez, an unlikely pair who are both suffering from trauma, must fight the battles in their heads as mutilated corpses are being discovered around the city. This is a graphic novel, released in a serial format, pages updated more or less weekly, usually on Sundays.


Publisher, teacher, traveler, humanist.

Most recent comments left on Doubting Thomas

3 days ago
Thanks! I was so happy with the image of Perez in the second panel.
Left on 1.Intermission.95
Miguel (Guest)
3 days ago
"Truly Realistic!"
I love how their friendship reflects friendships I have and people I know. The human bond between Tom and Rachel is a very believable thing and it draws me in with empathy.
Left on 1.Intermission.95
9 days ago
For all the time it took these two to get on the same page together, I really enjoy their friendship chemistry.
Left on 1.Intermission.95
Two weeks ago
Thanks! This really means a lot to me!
Left on 1.Intermission.94
8th Oct 2018
Probably depends on the meds...

OMG, I can understand that she's emotionally stretched thin, and she's right but they also got some progress:
- The kid is OK.
- The mom is in a coma but alive.
- This fact will give them some angle to find out why.
- there are some other hints
- And they got a little time.

Looks like she needs a friend. And Thomas has big, strong hands. (Lovely last panel, by the way!)

(What am I doing here*? Providing comforting/supporting thoughts to&for a virtual character? I've really fallen into the story... Good job on this, Cliff!)

Edit: Inserted an "e" right before the "*". An important "e".
Left on 1.Intermission.94