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Comic profile: Doubting Thomas
Doubting Thomas
A webcomic beyond belief.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Comic description

After suffering a personal tragedy, Thomas struggles with depression and his ability to navigate the world without the crutch of religious trappings. Meanwhile, detectives investigate a series of deaths which many believe to be supernatural in origin.

This is a serial graphic novel which updates about once a week. The first page can be found here:


Publisher, teacher, traveler, humanist.

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Not a page I had planned on.

If you don't know who she this: And here's her giving a keynote:
Left on 1.1.18
2 days ago
Thanks again!

To illustrate I use Krita, although the dream sequence has been handdrawn so it's only been colored in Krita. If you've never used Krita before, it's an amazing program which is only getting better.

As far as if the stuff Thomas is seeing in his dream connects with the story at large, yes it does. I'm not against a red herring or two, but everything in the comic is either part of this particular plot or the larger series story arc. But how the elements of the dream align from the story, you'll just have to wait and see. But there is a little more detail about "the neighbors" on the next page which I just posted.
Left on 1.1.16
2 days ago
Working on this page made me think about Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. How everything we need is up there in space if we somehow became clever enough to use it. Of course everything we need is also here on Earth if we somehow became clever enough to work together.
Left on 1.1.17
Miguel (Guest)
One week ago
"Fate of Humanity"
Amazing illustrations yet again with sublime use of color. What prigram do you use for illustration?

On another note, I love the MKK speech referenced, it is my favorite due to the fact that it was his most comprehensive critique of systemic oppression calling out not just racism, but economic inequality and how they were linked to colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism. Today, he would certainly find a problem with neoliberalism.

Lastly, the glimpse at how humanity and life on Earth has failed, yet is doggedly resilient is inspiring yet foreboding at the same time. I am wondering if this ties on with the inexplicable deaths we have seen thus far? Also, the glimpse at life on our “neighbor” planet makes me it in the Milky Way, previously undetected, or in Andromeda. Or is there another option? Is this alien society connected to the deaths? Is another? Is this a ted herring? So many questions that cannot be answered. Alas, I shall await the unfolding tale. Thanks for this brilliant work!
Left on 1.1.16
9 days ago
Deeper into the rabbit hole...Despite its bright colors, this page is pretty dark. I hope I ended it on a positive enough note! For record's sake, a lot of the content on this page was heavily inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s Beyond Vietnam speech which was good timing since it's released the night before MLK Day. Listen to the speech here.

Just in case it's not clear, in the third panel, Anansi/Joe says "this planet". At this point they are on an alien planet, not Earth.

I'm really interested in the idea of societal collapse. How some societies can be at the top of the world and then fall apart. In Anthropology class we discussed how there are countless villages full of bones but no signs of how they died. This has always fascinated me. In some cases, such as Rome, it's easy to play Monday morning quarterback and diagnose what went wrong, but there are other societies where we just don't have enough information to know what happened, and it was probably a combination of factors.
Left on 1.1.16