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Comic profile: Downtown Coolsville
Downtown Coolsville
72dpi of Awesome
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 2nd Aug 2011, 1:36 AM
Number of comics: 28
Number of subscribers: 13
Visitors: 13940 visitors (47925 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.15 (34 votes)

Comic description

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..
There was an infant..
And it became his destiny to use his seriously bad drawing skills to create a hilariously awesome webcomic about shit-all..


Most recent comments left on Downtown Coolsville

WOOOO (Guest)
1st Jun 2013
Left on Metal > Romance
28th Oct 2012
LAUGH! OUT! LOUD! AWESOME! COOL! So many awesome words to describe your comics! U R AWESOME!
Left on Science!
2nd Aug 2011
So without my super duper advanced computing piece of shit.. I get bored..
So last night I was browsing random music videos on youtube.. Yes my computersaurus can go on youtube!

Anyway I cam across this video.. I've heard of Attack Attack before.. But I've never really been bothered to check them out..
Anyway.. Apart from raping my ears with god-awful music, the video just portrayed them as power-chord thumping crustaceans..

So I drew a picture of Attack Attack for you..
If you don't believe me.. Check out this music video..

Fuck, I'm hilarious.
Left on Attack of the crabs!
jgsb;rb (Guest)
30th Jul 2011
I srsly think this would be a master piece, if it had been poorly coloured in. I'd even pay more for it if it had been.
No, I'm lying. I keep laughing because the title is "Doodles".
/laughing fit resumes

Left on Doodles
30th Jul 2011
No puter!!

So I'm scanning and uploading this from my replacement XP dinosaur..

It's a monkey!
Throwing.. Custard..
Left on Doodles