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That name will never grow on me
Last update: 11th Jul 2020, 11:11 AM
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What do you get when two shapeshifting dragons end up in a time far from their own? Why, a bad portmanteau title of course! An unfortunate and improbable series of events lead to Tanbyr and Edan awakening many years on from the old fantasy world they're familiar with, technology, the world, and everything in it has advanced. A cartoonish comic with what some might say passes as humour!


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Heh, thank you. Honestly the renders still aren't at a point where I can use them completely as backgrounds, and there's still a lot of work to be done there (Redoing some of the character models is a priority, since a couple are waaaay off!) Just trying to balance my time between the two at the moment!
Haha, speaking of which XD.

Really great backgrounds here, blender really goes well with your style so immersive! Don't worry we'll be here :)
A wild loose end appeared!
Tan may be back, but not quite fully back to normal (Just enough to still hold a grudge!)
And, unfortunately I kind of know how she feels! Been trying to get stuff done when I can, but it's led to yet another late page! Can't make any promises on when the next one will be done either. Bleh.
Author Note
Thank you! It honestly has been pretty fun to mess with!
Hehe, yeah, probably the least fun someone can have getting a piggyback ride! :P
Hahaha Tan never change XD