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When curing insomnia leads to riding dragons
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Plagued by nightmares and suffering from sleep deprivation, the Alatai mage Evandaril sets out to find the source of his dreams and set his life straight. Updates Wednesdays


Hobby artist usually active on DeviantArt: http://spiralofdragon.deviantart.com

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Trick question, I'll still fall back on my magic anyway!
Then I'll bleed all over your sword and you'll never get the stains out of the wood
Like I said, train to use everything you have and be ready in case something doesn't work the way you intend it to, but don't neglect to build up your strengths as well as your weakness

Yes this one gets it!
What if there’s a way of nullifying that advantage?

For example, thelandoftusk.thecomicseries.com/comics/39 and it becomes clearer on the next page.

I’m not saying that he shouldn’t use it (and practice it) but you have to be able to last if you lose a limb or magic,