Of Destiny & Dragoones
They’re heroes. Honest.
Last update: 24th Mar 2023, 5:19 PM
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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Don't you hate it when you get cursed by an evil douchebag mage?

Join our heroes (no really, they're heroes, honest) as they are thrown together against their will to battle evil, end the curse, and save the city, all while not killing each other in the process. Probably.


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Our heroes have a new lead to follow…

Update 4/3/23: some big life stuff has just happened for me so I'm taking a short break from the comic. I'll resume normal page postings May 12th. Thanks for bearing with me!
Author Note
Interesting pattern. Looks like a 4 lobed celtic knot interwoven with Ouroboros wyrms
It’s!!! The word!!! From the title!!!

What could it mean??

A quick heads’ up: I’ve been dealing with a weird arm/hand pain thing lately so I’m going to take a break next week from the comic to let it rest. However, I’ll take the opportunity to drop some fun behind the scenes stuff on the extras page so be sure to check that out!
Author Note
Glad you're along for the ride and having a good time!
such a fun read & the shadow creature looks so bad ass...can't wait to cont. the adventure :)