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Draw, O Coward
By The Amazing Chris Godbey!
Last update: Two weeks ago, 2:59 PM
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A random grabbag of one-shot comic strips!
Silly wordplay and pop culture references are the order of the day. Consistent updates probably aren't.


Amazing Chris Godbey
Amazing Chris Godbey
Once upon a time, in the rustic ruins of a temple in Central Kentucky, there was...a man.
A man gifted by the gods with fabulous hair, but still...an otherwise ordinary man. Having been placed on this Earth with the sole purpose of becoming Amazing, he set out upon his journey of self-discovery, of adventure, of love and hate...

Through trials and tribulations, conquest and heartbreak, against all odds and the fate of the cosmos in his hands...he emerged from his odyssey...changed.
No longer an ordinary man with fabulous hair...he was now an AMAZING man with fabulous hair.
The prophecy had come to pass. He was now, and forever...the Amazing Chris Godbey!™

And he does a comic called Weird in a Can.
And a side comic called Draw, O Coward.

Social medias, if you're into that kinda thing.

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Amazing Chris Godbey
I kinda like Kay Oh, myself. She looks friendly.
Amazing Chris Godbey
How do you know when a pun has matured?
When it's fully-groan.
I don't know whether I love or hate the puns. (That's how you know they're good puns. :p ) I do like Lief Pile though.
My favorite is Mr. Ease. Or Lief Pile. Dangit they're all good.
Amazing Chris Godbey
I mean, he at least knows how to use an Android smartphone, according to the official video for the Nintendo Switch parental controls.

So, he could probably figure out Windows.