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Believe to survive
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published: December 22,2017
Status: ongoing
Studio:Juditoonz studios
Genres:Action,science fiction, mature
Author:Dubem Victor(Dubiz senju)

Soon after world war III and the nuclear storm,the remaining survivors of the ruined earth were terrorized by an organization known as primal arc seeking for world domination.
After her family was killed, Rina learns that the earth can still be saved and that she must live at all costs...


dubiz senju
dubiz senju
hey guys.
I'm dubiz senju, a digital webcomic artist.I love drawing, anything at all
I love anime and am a great fan of webcomic.
I'm the author of DREAM webcomic series, I hope you enjoy the series.

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uh... OH.. !

(Awesome tech detail, I love it :D)
Fantastic page dude!! And fantastic chapter been a wild and revealing one :D.

"Burn, let them burn." WELP, fun times ahead lol. Hope you and Dera enjoy your break
dubiz senju
Here we are guys! This chapter has been an amazing one filled with a lot of battles and twists and it seems Rina is not quite done yet. We are introduced to some new characters mainly the aged general Beirod.
As usual, I will be taking a couple of months off while I work on the coming chapters, you can always stay updated on the production process and other general artworks on my IG page@
Author Note
Dera Nuel
These guys have seen more battle today than any human being should.
dubiz senju
Not even a bit...