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Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Edit 3/2022: Updates are Wednesdays @ 7am EST
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Dreams Into Reality is a Slice-of-life/humor comic about a Transgender woman named Aislinn ("ash-linn" for those not familiar with the customary Irish names and/or spellings) who struggles to make it through her transition and the support she has from her family and friends. Obstacles and barricades litter her path, but she finds that she has far more support than she thought she did. And when life has kicked her so many times, she comes back with a fiery attitude.

Being a transgender woman myself, I've created this comic as sort of an Autobiography (with a few exaggerations for comedy).
This comic includes:
LGBT characters from all across the spectrum
Possible Adult themes
Possible trigger scenes

I would normally say this is exclusively a PG-13 comic but unfortunately there are people over 18, over 30, over 50 who have issues with this kind of content. So WARNING: Enter at your own risk.


Casey K
Casey K
Hey hey everyone. I'm Casey K, AKA "Ash" to some people. Artist, Writer, Social Media Moderator, Graphic Illustrator, Web Administrator, and much more. I'm also a transgender woman, mind you, so much if not all of my content will be LGBT+ related. I'm parent to three kids and have a lovely wife.

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Casey K
This unfortunately includes "One in Ten Thousandth Percent" as well as "The Rainbow Sentinels".
Author Note
I don't really care about the quality I only care about the history, so I think I will enjoy this series
Casey K
And before you go on and say "Well, why don't you stop making comics?" Um, hell no. Not when this is a pretty low work source of income. No, it may not be as much as I make at my job, but it's still income. Plus, it's something else that I enjoy.
Author Note
Casey K
I'd love to be able to tell you that this isn't really how my home looks, but I'd be lying. It's difficult to keep up with it, a full time job, full time parent, and still make comics.
Author Note
Casey K
The conversations we have are one of the reasons I love my job. They're the highlight of my day.

Also let me remind you all again, that while many of these comics are of events that either have actually happened or events that happened in my imagination, there is also a lot of dramatization added for comedic flare.
Author Note