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Is this a dream? Or is it real?
Last update: 1st Oct 2016, 12:59 AM

Webcomic description

Have you ever dreamed a dream that seemed real?
Have you ever been convinced that what you were dreaming WAS reality, making you question whether real life was ever true?
This is one question a young teenager has found himself pondering, as the seemingly realistic dreams of an underwater life catch him in it's net, leaving him trapped in what he believed was but a dream...

...or maybe, what he believed was reality was the dream?

Adopting the name Splash, he begins to come to terms with what seems like his new reality, yearning for a way to finally wake up again, a mysterious chain of events have begun to stir the tranquil sea.
The Ocean Star, an ancient and enigmatic jewel, guarded for generations by a dolphin pod, is being sought after for it's supposed power.
Named for the element of water, it is said to grant the power to control currents... but is that really all there is to its legend? Or is there more to this jewel, a deeper power, that may be lost to the mists of time?
And why is it reacting only to Splash, where it's power has otherwise slumbered for countless ages?

...this has to be a dream, right?