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Due to lack of imagination this dream is for rent.
Last update: 19th May 2013, 4:18 PM
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Herman is a 30-year old man stuck in a dream as a two-year old version of himself. Due to a lack of imagination his subconscious sublet the empty dream space and, subsequently, lost the majority share. It's up to Herman and his companions (a talking toaster, a rooster, and a childhood toy) to take back control of the dream.


Bill Kloppenburg
Bill Kloppenburg
I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock n'roll and one-quarter German.

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You're alive!
Bill Kloppenburg
Whoa, it's been a while, CF. How is everyone? Just wanted to let you know about my new website that just launched. Klopart.com is a collection of what I've been up to since I've been away from here.

You may be wondering what the comic above is. This is the first page of my newest comic 'Gear'. You can read the whole thing here.

Hope everyone is well. If not, eat a carrot. I've heard that helps.
Author Note
wow Bill. I met you years ago in college. Had no idea you were so talented. Well I knew you were funny but this drawing is unreal.
Bill Kloppenburg
For those of you who may not know I am on hiatus from Dreamstruck. However, I am not on hiatus from comics. I have started a journal comic that I am hosting on tumblr. You can reach it here.

I love you if you read it.

I also love you if you don't, but I won't know who you are, so the love is pretty abstract.
Author Note
Great artwork! Fun story!