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An everyday story in a timely world. May contain fantastic elements.
Last update: 19th Sep 2021, 4:39 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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A small group of young individuals is setting out to reach a destination. Well, that's not really true. Some of them may not even want to reach this destination, after all. Rather, there are thousands of different reasons why they are setting out - and the characters themselves aren't aware of them yet. But what unites them is a feeling that is the result of those reasons. The feeling of wanting a change in their lives. Or to put it more simply: To go on a vacation.


Hello, I am Zaesh and I have made it my task to realize my adventure fantasy story Duality. I am currently still studying architecture (I am taking my master thesis next semester) and will probably apply to the art college here in Kassel shortly. Because no matter in what form, I love to draw from nothing. Comic, cartoon, webtoon, manga; In short: all media in which text and images come together are a passion of mine and my favorite method of communication. Through my story you learn what and how I think / thought, how I feel / felt and what consequences I draw / drew from my perspective. I want to learn more from others in this way and I want others to be able to learn from me. Duality is therefore not a "textbook", but as mentioned before, only a perspective; which should have the potential to bring about change, for the reader and / or the author.