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Comic profile: Dude in Distress
Dude in Distress
Falling for a superhero (both literally and figuratively) can be distressing.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 11:01 AM
Number of comics: 92
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Rating: 4.96 (191 votes)

Comic description

So you wanna date a superhero? I have news for you . . . It's not all romantic flights through the night sky and wild romps in the bedroom–there's also lots of falling, danger, and general peril.

JOIN normal human Clark Peters as he begins his relationship with the world-famous superhero Femme Fantastic!

WITNESS the dangers facing a normal guy from supervillains, other superheroes, and his friends as Clark experiences all the trappings (both figurative and literal) that come with dating a superhero!

EXPERIENCE what it's like to be a Dude in Distress!


Most recent comments left on Dude in Distress

2 days ago
Lots goes to charity and various public health and urban/transportation development projects she finds of interest. She also is known to give holiday "bonuses" to all tenants (usually a month's worth of rent) and businesses in the Towers (with a set amount of the business bonuses to be divided among the employees).
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Steveador (Guest)
3 days ago
I'm wondering what she does with this money she doesn't need. I'm assuming charity, but maybe something fun like wage supplements for low income families ect...
Left on Dude in Distress Strip 70
5 days ago
We'll hear a bit before this episode is done.
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Black Rose (Guest)
5 days ago
Will there be more of FF's backstory?
Left on Dude in Distress Strip 70
5 days ago
Glad to hear that even these non-fun strips seem to be engaging. My attempts at strip-based writing for this series (i.e., trying to end every strip with a punchline--either something fun and goofy or something emotional/thought-provoking) is proving to be a bit challenging on these more world-building and character-based discussions. There are still a number of fun bits this episode, but we'll also be getting a glimpse at some of Femme's backstory, which is a bit heavy. But--hey!--this is pretty much a fairy-tale romance developing, and fairy tales always have some heavy stuff in them. (But Dude in Distress won't have anyone cutting off their toes, throwing anyone in ovens, or turning into sea foam, so I guess DiD is more fairy tale-lite.)
Left on Dude in Distress Strip 70