Eureka Seven: Paradox Makers
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It is the year 12020, and humankind is experiencing the birth of a new era. Extraterrestrial beings called Scubs have occupied the world, but peaceful coexistence with humans is still a ways away. Suddenly, a force of hostile beings called Secrets triggers a change, and humans begin to experience the evolution necessary to fight back. Those who would seize control of the wheels of fate: the Paradox Makers.


Ajax House
Ajax House
A fellow with great dreams and an artistic streak a mile wide.

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Nice job
Ajax House
For some added clarity, the Afterverse is a place where peoples' essence of being goes into suspended animation. There is a guardian that oversees the realm and tries to intervene in cases of tragic death. Right before dying, the person gets swept inside this dimensional pocket. There are also some people who do bad things and undergo rehabilitation as a judgment for their wicked deeds. Each person leaves with a gift: go back to their old life in an evolved form with superpowers or go explore the cosmos.
Oh, goody! Robot mode!!
How mystic!
Ajax House
Note: Robin's suit is resetting to two-tone in the first panel, and because of a minor glitch in the camouflage unit, it sometimes turns blue-red, but will always default to red-blue.

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