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Whose mind is it anyway?
Last update: 14th Sep 2013, 11:23 PM
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an experiment in Mental Theatre, externalized in comic form.
Currently Featuring: MAD SCIENCE! with Dr. Nick - steampunk fantasy adventure into the strange!

Now updating 3 times weekly, every M-W-F.

It doesn't serve the 3 fetish as well as every 3rd day on dates divisible by 3 did, but you get more story for your money - with 3 more strips every month!


-3- is an eclectic creator - during the past three decades working with various digital & traditional print media, 2D & 3D animation, video editing and the written word.
(see The Artist page on experiMental Theatre for more bio)

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...and it only took 7 years to notice that the text layer saying "with Dr. Nick" seems to have been turned off when i compiled this image. Kind of steps on that last comment, huh?

(sorry - i haven't been able to remember the password, or even be sure about the user name, for years)
“sui juris?”
Seemed like something that might interest you:
Didn't really think it would make a splash, Unk.

BTW - For those who are wondering what i've been doing, and haven't noticed elsewhere by now - i have a new ongoing gallery up, Gallery 3
Unka John
Does this guy mean you are "out of the inkwell"? Sorry, I couldn't resist.