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Yep, it's another campaign comic. Adapting material from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, join a group of roleplayers as they take on the Marvel universe, and try not to kill each other along the way.


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Just some action.

The title of this chapter, 'A Timely Tale', is a reference to how, when Captain America was first published in 1941, (joining Namor the Sub-Mariner and the android Human Torch), Timely Comics was still the name of the publishing company. It wasn't until a few years later, after the war, that they officially rebranded as Marvel.
Author Note
Tonight... someone dies! Well, this chapter, anyway.
Author Note
From The GURPS Unofficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe REBOOT EDITION


Real Name: Steven Rogers.
Occupation: History professor, adventurer; former soldier.
Identity: Secret.
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Other Aliases: Roger Stevens; the Captain.
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City.
Marital Status: Widower.
Known Relatives: Joseph (father, deceased), Sarah (mother, deceased), Margaret "Peggy" Carter (wife, deceased), James (son, missing in action), Sharon Carter (great-niece by marriage).
Group Affiliation: Avengers, partner and mentor to Bucky II, former member of the Invaders and All-Winners Squad, former partner to Bucky I and Golden Girl.
Base of Operations: New York City.
First Historical Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1939).
First Post-Reboot Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1.

History: Steven Rogers was a sickly boy who grew up during the Great Depression. A staunch patriot, he believed the U.S. government could do no wrong. When World War II broke out in Europe, Steve, at 18, attempted to enlist, but was denied by the recruiter due to his health.

Taking pity on the lad, and impressed with the boy's enthusiasm for doing "the right thing", the recruiter put Steve's name in for a "special project" the military was putting into place. Out of all of the subjects, Steve was the first one selected to undergo the "super-soldier" treatment, which consisted of a serum taken orally and catalyzed with a unique mixture of what was believed to be non-harmful radiation. Upon the experiment's success, Steve emerged at what was believed the peak of human physical perfection.

Sadly, the project's lead scientist. Dr. Abraham Erskine, was killed almost immediately by Nazi agents. Because he'd kept the full formula for the super-soldier serum in his head, the project died with Dr. Erskine.

Steve Rogers was then given the uniform and identity of Captain America, the fighting symbol of America. During World War II, Captain America operated alongside the Invaders, a team which included the Sub-Mariner, Union Jack, the android Human Torch, the British speedster Spitfire, and his Soviet counterpart Red Guardian, as well as working for a time with a sidekick, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. His most persistent nemesis during this time was the Nazi war criminal known as the Red Skull; the Red Skull was believed killed at the end of the war. While operating in occupied France, he met the woman who would one day become his wife, Peggy Carter, who at the time was working for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor to the modern CIA) in organizing and supporting the French Resistance.

After World War II was over, Captain America maintained contact with the other Invaders, including Red Guardian, who had retired to become a circus acrobat. It was during this time that he married Peggy Carter. He then served during the Korean War, working with a new partner, Golden Girl, for a brief time while Bucky was recuperating from injuries incurred by the criminal Lavender. While Bucky was recuperating, Peggy gave birth to Steve's son, who was named James in honor of Bucky. (It is not known whether the effects of the super-soldier serum were passed onto James Rogers.) In 1953, however, Rogers was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee to explain his frequent contact with the retired Red Guardian. A shocked nation was soon informed that the Committee had stripped Captain America of his position.

Disillusioned for the first time in his life with the United States government, Steve Rogers dropped out of sight, as a series of new Captain Americas came and went. In the 1960s, Peggy Carter was killed in a communist terrorist attack in West Germany while she, Steve, and James were visiting several of the monuments to the war there.

Steve's son, James, who had declined his father's role, attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and became a Navy A-6 Intruder pilot during the Vietnam War, but was shot down and reported missing in action; whether James is still alive or not is unknown. Following his son's disappearance, Steve temporarily returned to action as Captain America (without authorization) in an ill-fated attempt to find and rescue his son, only to admit defeat several months later. The identity was retired by the government altogether following the Vietnam War.

It was at this time, in the 1970s, that Steve realized that he effectively wasn't aging; tests at military hospitals showed that his decreased rate of aging was due to lingering effects of the super-soldier serum.

Steve Rogers has moved from place to place over the last several decades. At first he studied the martial arts of various nations abroad. During the '90s and '00s he taught history at various high schools across the nation. Recently settling into a teaching position at Midtown High in the borough of Queens, New York City, Steve was forced to don a black and white outfit similar to his Captain America uniform when Baron Harbin Zemo, grandson of the Nazi general Steve faced repeatedly during WWII, took the school he was teaching at hostage. Baron Zemo had discovered Steve's identity by intercepting various correspondences between Steve and the now deceased Red Guardian, and the fact that Steve was still in his prime fed the need for revenge that had been drilled into the Baron as a youth.

Steve, using the alias "The Captain", managed to fend off Zemo and rescue the school. One of the students, Rikki Buchanan, aided him without his asking for help. Realizing that the need for a symbol was greater than ever, yet still not trusting the government, Steve petitioned Congress to restore him as Captain America, but only under the condition that he would be able to operate autonomously. They have grudgingly done so, giving him the adamantium-vibranium alloy shield previously used by the Vietnam-era Captain America. His activities have been monitored by SHIELD agent Sharon Carter, ironically his great-niece, who has since become his ally in several cases.

Captain America was recently invited to join the Avengers, and over the last few months has gravitated toward leading the team.

Age: 88 (actual); 35 (physical).
Height: 6' 2".
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Blond.
Uniform: (as the Captain) Black bodysuit with black and white horizontal stripes beside a white star on the chest, black cowl, white gloves and boots; (as Captain America) blue bodysuit with a white star on the chest and red and white horizontal stripes around the lower torso, red gloves, red boots, blue cowl with a white A on the forehead.
Strength Level: Captain America represents the pinnacle of human physical perfection. While not superhuman, he is as strong as a human being without powers can be. He can lift (press) a maximum of 800 pounds with supreme effort.
Known Superhuman Powers: The "super-soldier serum" that enhanced Captain America to human perfection has extended his lifespan significantly. Captain America ages at an extremely slow rate; while it has been almost 70 years since his treatment, he has only aged about ten, and appears to be in his mid-30s.
Abilities: Captain America is highly trained in a number of combat styles, having received special forces training during World War II and further training in Oriental and Western martial arts, including, but not limited to, karate, jujitsu, several styles of kung fu, boxing, wrestling, savate, and aikijutsu. He has combined these styles into a unique style all his own.

Captain America is an expert at throwing his shield, bouncing it off a number of targets, and having it return to him.

Weapons: Captain America's only weapon is a round shield made from an alloy of adamantium and vibranium. The shield is 2½ feet in diameter, weighs 12 pounds, and is aerodynamically shaped to provide lift as it flies through the air; due to years of practice with similar shields, Captain America can throw it over a hundred feet and have it return to him. The shield is practically impervious to all harm; only something that can rearrange matter on the molecular level would be able to damage the shield. This shield is nearly identical in size, shape, and weight to the titanium steel shield he used in World War II.

Red Skull: What makes you special? What makes you deserving of this power?
Captain America: Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.
– Captain America: The First Avenger

992 points

ST: 23 [130] HP: 23 [0] Speed: 8.00 [5]
DX: 16 [120] Will: 15 [15] Move: 8 [0]
IQ: 12 [40] Per: 15 [15]
HT: 15 [50] FP: 20 [15] SM: 0

Dmg: 2d+1/4d+1 BL: 106 lbs.
Dodge: 15 Parry: 16 DR: 12/4* (uniform)
Block: 19

Languages: Dutch (Accented) [4]; English (Native) (Native Language) [0]; French (Accented) [4]; German (Accented) [4]; Mandarin Chinese (Accented) [4]; Russian (Accented) [4].

Cultural Familiarities: East Asian [1]; Western (Native) [0].

Advantages: Appearance (Handsome) [12]; Charisma 3 [15]; Combat Reflexes [15]; Double-Jointed [15]; Enhanced Block 3 [15]; Enhanced Dodge 3 [45]; Enhanced Parry (Bare Hands) 3 [15]; Extended Lifespan 3 (x8) [6]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Fearlessness 5 [10]; Imbue 2 (Limited Skill Access: One Skill (Bank Shot), -80%) [4]; Legal Enforcement Powers 3 [15]; Rapid Healing [5]; Signature Gear: Adamantium-Vibranium Throwing Shield [60]; Social Regard (Respected) 3 [15]; Trained By A Master [30]; Very Fit [15]; Weapon Master (Shield) [20].

Perks: Courtesy Rank (Military) 4 [4]; Style Familiarity: Aikijutsu [1]; Style Familiarity: Boxing [1]; Style Familiarity: Chin Na [1]; Style Familiarity: Fairbairn Close Combat Training [1]; Style Familiarity: Hsing I Chuan [1]; Style Familiarity: Jujutsu [1]; Style Familiarity: Savate [1]; Style Familiarity: Shotokan Karate [1]; Sure-Footed (Uneven) [1]; Weapon Bond: Shield [1].

Disadvantages: Charitable (9) [-22]; Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]; Enemy (Baron Zemo) (Equal In Power) (9) [-10]; Guilt Complex [-5]; Honesty (6) [-20]; Light Sleeper [-5]; Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]; Secret Identity (Serious Embarrassment) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Humanity) [-15]; Truthfulness (9) [-7].

Quirks: Attentive [-1]; Broad-Minded [-1]; Calm Under Pressure [-1]; Prefers to Eat Organic [-1].

Skills: Artist (Drawing) (H) IQ+0 [4] – 12; Bank Shot (Thrown Weapon (Disc)) (VH) DX+4 [24] – 20; Breath Control (H) HT+0 [4] – 15; Climbing (A) DX+4 [1] – 20*; Current Affairs/TL8 (Headline News) (E) IQ+2 [4] – 14; Detect Lies (H) Per+0 [4] – 15; Diplomacy (H) IQ+1 [8] – 13; Driving/TL8 (Automobile) (A) DX-1 [1] – 15; Driving/TL8 (Motorcycle) DX-1 [1] – 15; First Aid/TL8 (Human) (E) IQ+1 [2] – 13; Fist! (WC) DX+9 [132] – 25; Forced Entry (E) DX+0 [1] – 16; Games (Boxing) (E) IQ+0 [1] – 11; Hiking (A) HT-1 [1] – 14; History (20th Century) (H) IQ+1 [8] – 13; Jumping (E) DX+0 [1] – 16; Knife (E) DX [1] – 16; Leadership (A) IQ+8 [20] – 20†; Mechanic/TL6 (Automobile) (A) IQ-1 [1] – 11; Navigation/TL7 (Land) (A) IQ+0 [2] – 12; Photography/TL7 (A) IQ-1 [1] – 11; Piloting/TL7 (Light Airplane) (A) DX-1 [1] – 15; Public Speaking (A) IQ+3 [2] – 15†; Running (A) HT-1 [1] – 14; Savoir-Faire (Dojo) (E) IQ [1] – 12; Savoir-Faire (Military) (E) IQ+0 [1] – 12; Search (A) Per-1 [1] – 14; Shield (E) DX+9 [32] – 25; Soldier/TL7 (A) IQ+1 [4] – 13; Stealth (A) DX+0 [2] – 16; Survival (Desert) Per+0 [2] – 16; Survival (Mountain) Per+0 [2] – 16; Survival (Swampland) Per+0 [2] – 16; Survival (Woodlands) Per+0 [2] – 16; Swimming (E) HT+0 [1] – 15; Tactics (H) IQ+1 [8] – 13; Teaching (A) IQ+0 [2] – 12; Thrown Weapon (Disc) (E) DX+10 [36] – 25; Tracking (A) Per-1 [1] – 14.

Techniques: Counterattack (Shield) (H) def+5 [6] – 25; Feint (Shield) (H) def+4 [5] – 29; Rope Up (Climbing) (A) def+2 [2] – 20; Scaling (Climbing) (H) def+3 [4] – 20; Timed Defense (Shield) (H) def+2 [3] – 19.

Starting Spending Money: $4,000 (20% Starting Wealth).

* includes +5 from Double-Jointed

† includes +3 from Charisma

Role-Playing Notes:
Captain America often gives the appearance of a man out of time, but this is commonly a ruse. He is an honorable man who always tries to do what he feels is the right thing. He tries to ensure that people live lives free from fear; in World War II, he opposed Hitler, while in the 1950s he was openly critical of both McCarthy and the Communists. Nowadays he's openly critical of both Muslim extremists and the Religious Right movements.

TL --- Weapon ------- Damage - Reach - Parry - Cost - Weight -- ST - Notes
| N/A | Boxing Punch | 2d+4 cr | --- C --- | -- 16 -- | N/A | --- N/A --- | 23 | - N/A - |

TL --- Weapon ------- Damage - Reach - Parry - Cost - Weight -- ST - Notes
| N/A | Karate Punch | 2d+4 cr | --- C --- | -- 16 -- | N/A | --- N/A --- | 23 | - N/A - |
| N/A | Karate Kick -- | 2d+5 cr | -- C,1 -- | - N/A - | N/A | --- N/A --- | 23 | - N/A - |

Captain America's Shield

TL-- Shield ------------------------------------------------ DB - Cost - Weight -- DR - LC - Notes
|7^| Medium Adamantium-Vibranium Alloy Shield | 2 | $600K | - 12 lb. - | 150 | 2 | -- [1] -- |

TL -- Weapon ----------------------------------------------------- Damage - Reach - Parry - Cost - Weight - ST
|7^| Medium Adamantium-Vibranium Alloy Shield Bash | 2d+1 cr | --- 1-- - | - No - | $600K | 12 lb. | -- 23 -- |

TL -- Weapon ---------------------------------------------------------- Damage - Acc - Range - Weight -- RoF - Shots - Cost -- ST - Bulk
|7^| Medium Adamantium-Vibranium Alloy Throwing Shield | 2d+3 cr | - 2 - | 115/160 | - 12 lb. - | - 1 - | - T(1) - | $600K | 23 | -5 |


[1] The shield's DR is hardened to reduce any damage penetration by four steps (for instance, from (10) to (1)). In addition, the shield grants the wielder Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction, /10), and, being made from adamantium, is virtually indestructible (hence the lack of a HP stat in the above entries).

Design Notes:
1. Despite the difference in point value, Baron Zemo is listed as being "equal in power" to Cap rather than "less powerful" due to the resources Zemo can command.
Man Plus [500 points]

You have the same abilities as a normal human being, but enhanced to the limit of human performance and, in some ways, beyond it. You aren’t indestructible, though, and still need to rely on external protection and defensive maneuvers to avoid lethal attacks. Your abilities may be the result of an incredibly advanced training regimen, drugs, scientific or magical enhancements, or a combination of all three.

Attributes: ST 20 [100]; DX 20 [200]; IQ 11 [20]; HT 20 [100].
Secondary Characteristics: Dmg 2d-1/3d+2; BL 80 lbs.; HP 20 [0]; Will 13 [10]; Per 11 [0]; FP 20 [0]; Basic Speed 10.00 [0]; Basic Move 10 [0].
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive) [4]. Combat Reflexes [15]. Fit [5]; and one of the following gadgets:
Superalloy Chainmail: Damage Resistance 16 (Breakability, DR 16, SM 0, -30%; Can Be Stolen, Forcible Removal, -10%; Flexible, -20%; Partial, Torso, -10%) [24] + Perk: Skintight [1]. Features: DR 24, 24 HP, 27 lbs.
Superalloy Medium Shield: Defense Bonus 2 (Breakability, DR 10, DB 2, -30%; Can Be Stolen, Quick Contest of ST, -30%) [24] + Perk: Striking Surface [1]. Features: DB 3, DR 10, 80 HP, 10 lbs.; cover DR 30.
Disadvantages: A total of -25 points from Bully [-10*], Callous [-5], Charitable [-15*], Code of Honor [-5 to -15], Fanaticism [-15], Honesty [-10*], Increased Consumption 1 [-5], Intolerance [-5 or -10], Maintenance [Varies], Megalomania [-10], Pacifism [-5 to -15], Selfish [-5*], Selfless [-5*], or Sense of Duty [-2 to -20].
Wildcard Skills: Fist! (VH) DX+1 [36]-21; one of Drive!, Move!, or Throw!, all (VH) DX-2 [6]-18.
Ordinary Skills: Two of Breath Control (H) HT-1 [2]-19, Cloak (A) DX [2]-20, Dancing (A) DX [2]-20, Driving (A) DX [2]-20, First Aid (E) IQ+1 [2]-12, Games (Sports rules) (E) IQ+1 [2]-12, Leadership (A) IQ [2]-11, Lifting (A) HT [2]-20, Savoir-Faire (E) IQ+1 [2]-12, Shield (E) DX+1 [2]-21, Singing (E) HT+1 [2]-21, Sports (Any) (A) DX [2]-20, Stealth (A) DX [2]-20, or 2 points in any Combat Sport.

* Multiplied for self-control number; see p. B120.

Notes: One of the classic versions of this type of hero is the “super-soldier,” a normal man transformed into a superhuman warrior. Americans think of Captain America, but any country could have such a patriotic hero.

A lower-powered version of this template usually reflects a character whose abilities come from intensive training, including few or no superpowers. Such heroes are less likely to have armor or shields, relying instead on avoiding getting shot at; they may even carry guns of their own.

For a higher-powered version of this template add Enhanced Time Rate and the ability to parry bullets, along with more impressive boosts to strength and speed. Superhuman senses and brilliant intellect can also be useful. Or look at the Archetype (see p. 41) for a closely related variant.

Playing the Role: You’re as good an athlete as anyone has ever seen, and your fighting style reflects your physical gifts. Your defenses let you get close to a gunman so you can disarm and incapacitate him hand-to-hand. To boost your performance further, use the extra effort rules (pp. B356-357). Outside combat, you’re physically attractive, perfectly coordinated, and all but tireless. Consider acquiring a skill that lets you make a good impression in social situations, such as Dancing or Savoir Faire.
Ah yes, Captain America. I've actually got two TTRPG related things to share about it, but before anyone gets too excited... yeah, its GURPS. XD First up is a template to aid in designing Captain America-style characters in GURPS, the second is a full character sheet for Captain America from a project where a skilled GM has been working out his take on the entire Marvel Comics Universe as a GURPS Supers campaign setting. Why it could matter to you, the person reading this: You might be like me and enjoy reading these things even when you don't fully understand them, and/or GURPS is the TTRPG equivalent of a laid back version of Star Trek's Borg: Resistance is futile. Your TTRPG will be assimilated... or you can adapt GURPS stuff to your preferred TTRPG.

Please note that I did my best to preserve formatting, but that meant going in and adding tags and - in the case of spacing that just wouldn't cooperate - inserting "-" as placeholders, whether just one or several. Also, I do not believe that the Man Plus template was actually used for the Captain America Character Write-Up. If you need to know why, the template is for someone Captain America-like, but the one from the project was for a fully realized NPC... who costs 1 CP shy of twice the template's value!