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Comic profile: End Boss's World
End Boss's World
Evil is a competitive business. Updates Wednesdays.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Two weeks ago, 7:30 PM
Number of comics: 50
Number of subscribers: 24
Visitors: 37078 visitors (83458 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (52 votes)

Comic description

Fired from his job as an Air Conditioner, Air Man sets out to restart the Robot Master Rebellions of old. But in world of many heroes and villains, where does a mere level boss stand?

A spin-off of Level 30 Psychiatry.


I'm a writer not an artist so... what am I doing here?
Im a guy who sucks at drawing. Yet I draw for End Boss's World for a reason. Cool

Most recent comments left on End Boss's World

13 days ago
big Oof
Left on He Can Defeat Air Man
Two weeks ago

For extra immersion, imagine these Dragon Ball Z sound effects while reading.
Panel 1: Punch and knockback
Panel 4: Explosion
Left on He Can Defeat Air Man
Chansey88 (Guest)
3rd Nov 2018
Same with me. I'm still excited, but I was hoping for Gen 5 Pokemon fighting representation. Other than that, though, the trailer opened up many potential avenues for memes, so I'm okay with it.
Left on Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bot?
1st Nov 2018
Don’t worry, Air Man, the Light will kill you and every other video game character in existence before Ganondorf gets a chance.

(FYI, I am VERY salty about the new trailer)
Left on Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bot?
Chansey88 (Guest)
24th Oct 2018
Air Man, whatever you do, don't blow him upwards! If you do, he'll reverse air Warlock Punch you, and then you're absolutely dead!
Left on Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bot?