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Eclipsed is a story based on my Ultra Sun Nuzlocke. The story follows a girl named Delilah who for reasons no one knows seems to interest the legendary guardians of the region. So come along for this fast paced adventure through the sunny region of Alola full of mysteries, new friends and lots of shenanigans

Updates every Wednesday + extra pages here and there


Uhh.. Yo!

Just a dork who likes art, nuzlockes and birds

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Way to go Lydia!! But.. Yeah that seems like trouble..
Author Note
Happy 1st aniversary of the comic!
Happy 1 year Eclipsed!!! It's anniversary day so.. Duh! Extra page!! I just can't even put my gratitude to words but thank you everyone for coming along for this crazy adventure! May year 2 be even better!! Oh and also, talk about timing, Grand trial starts on the freakin anniversary!!!
Author Note
He plotting