Eclipse of the Son

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rating: mature (sex, age gap, dubcon, terato, dark themes, violence)
When the Sun burns too brightly, She is killed by the Hunter, who sleeps until the Sun rises again. But Hunter wakes alone, and instead of a Sunrise he discovers Sunny, a boy eerily like Her, but with no knowledge of their ancient rivalry.


I'm just out here making the food I want to eat, but I made enough for you too, if you like.

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Absolutely 💪😤🥩🔥
I mean he's literally a hunter. I bet his grilling fucks hard tbh
GOOD I'M GLAD 🥰 he's my friend's OC and I love him a lot LMAO
omg it's the guy that had the Nice Rack hat-- and THIS hat says "babygirl" 😭😭😭 need more of this man in my life tbh best Side Character 2023
uh oh here comes the venison king! I mean Hunter 😱💦
as always, early updates go up on patreon tonight!
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