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Webcomic profile: Eldritchfell
Do You Remember?
Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Horror
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 12:00 AM
Number of comics: 12
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Webcomic description

There are many worlds. Similar stories iterated across an infinite multiverse. But this one is rather different. What are the eldritch? How did they come here, and what do they want? Chara and Frisk will come to regret learning the answers, though they do not yet know this. They don't know much at all, right now.

Viewer discretion advised, as Eldritchfell is an Undertale AU which contains blood, death, implied sucide, body horror, cosmological horror, and other content readers may find disturbing.


A spacey oddity who really likes PMD and Undertale.

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Arms splay outwards as the human falls down into the dark pit. A knife, which had previously been tucked into a belt-loop on their brown pants, slips loose and falls alongside them.

And then they fall on the ground, facedown, hair covering their face. It’s difficult to see where the knife went. Vines creep down from the walls with climb into darkness.
Left on Introductions 10
2 days ago
The human child races into a cave. In fact, the same cave that Frisk had entered in the past. They rush in, but in their haste they trip over a vine.

Wet from the rain, and off-balance from tripping, they sway at the edge of the hole that Frisk fell into, desperately trying to regain their balance…

...And then they fall forwards.
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3 days ago
Close up on the demon’s eight crimson eyes.

And if they fear you, they will be unable to hurt you?

“Correct,” the masked figure clarifies.

Oh, you naive little child…

Flashes of elsewhere.

That little red soul, in some sort of mechanism. The soul has begun to crack.

And then, somewhere else.

A human with pair skin and reddish-brown hair, clad in a green and yellow sweater, is running through a forest. It’s raining heavily. Blades of grass stick to their boots.

If you give someone a <i>reason</i> to fear you, it will only justify their attempts to hurt you in their mind…
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4 days ago
The demon looms before the cloaked figure.

No longer. That’s your name now, Namethief. You stole it fairly.

Flashes of elsewhere.

Frisk, landed on the ground. There’s so much blood beneath them and trickling from their mouth.

Now, what will you do with it? the demon queries.

A Soul, a glowing red heart. Someone that looks like an anthropomorphic goat, wearing a green and yellow sweater and an upside-down heart locket, is holding it. It illuminates them red. We can’t see their face.

Why do you desire such a power? the demon asks.

And we can see the hooded figure. Their face is covered by a red grinning mask.

“People fear demons,” they say.
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5 days ago
Name the Fallen Human.


WARNING: This name will make your life hell.
Proceed anyways?

<Yes> No


Fade in on that child from before. They are no longer in silhouette. They have brown hair and red eyes, an indigo and pink sweater, dark blue shorts and long socks, shoes with velcro straps rather than laces.

They’re falling from a great height, and we can see the cave floor beneath them. No golden flowers on it.

They’re reaching a hand up, and look panicked.

And the scene shifts.

A flash of someone reading.

And we’re elsewhere.

Black and white and shades of grey. A massive creature, serpentine, or perhaps like a centipede. It has noticeable mandibles and thing, pointy horns, four spindly legs and two arms. Its back is covered by ashy grey fur and it has eight ovular red eyes.

Before it stands a hooded figure.

“So, your name is Chara?”
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