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Elemental Four
Superhero siblings on a reality show--can they cope?
Last update: 16th Jan 2019, 8:00 AM
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Four siblings with elemental powers are the focus of a reality show as they begin as superheroes. With unscrupulous producers, can they keep their secrets from the cameras?


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Yeah, Flygohr did an awesome job. Overall, he did three covers for me (this is the first, but next week will see one he did for Karabear Comics Unlimited, as well as one for Defenders of America). Thank you for the comment.
The Letter M
Great looking cover.
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Lineart by STX, colors by myself.

This ends the issue. What did you think about it? Please let me know in the comments below.

As it is, this issue I think helps portray the premise pretty decently. And this page shows a twist of what sort of dealings we're talking about. If Unaboomer was hired by the producers to attack and try to kill the four, the show might not be healthy for the siblings...
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