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Ells and Clyde Watch Top Gear USA
...a really stupid idea
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
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Comic description

Ells and Clyde love Top Gear. They're curious about the international versions of the show, so they've decided to watch them all to make comparisons to the original, starting with Top Gear USA (since that's the one they currently have the easiest access to). This is probably not the best idea for their sanity, but whatever.

Ells and Clyde are actually the main characters of The Historians, which I write and post here:


I suppose I should still use this - I need a place to post short stories and the like involving The Historians, and this is probably the best place considering that I actually have a silly little school project from over a year ago that Ells and Corey actually appeared in uploaded to this site...

Anyhow - hi! I'm Steph, and I'm a historian, sportswriter and cartoonist (and aspiring novelist, but we won't really add that until I have a manuscript finished for once). I write a silly comic about a group of people who work at a historical society, some of whom drive racecars on the side as a hobby (because Ells Robbins can't have normal hobbies like the rest of us). When I'm not doing that or working as a historian or a sportswriter, I'm probably taking care of the four cats, two Old English sheepdogs, and three other humans that I share my home with.

As you can tell, I generally don't get much sleep.