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Webcomic profile: Elsewhere
A webcomic
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 16th Jan 2018, 2:35 AM
Number of comics: 351
Number of subscribers: 29
Visitors: 29838 visitors (168616 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (223 votes)

Webcomic description

These are the voyages of roommates Butch and Walter.
Never the same old story of trying to fix time.
To undo the damage caused by an alien Explosion.
To seek out lost time machines & finish school.
To boldly go and have action packed adventures to drum up readers.
This Is Elsewhere.


Joe Krejci (Joe 5) is a native of Southern California and is on his comic Elsewhere's 25th anniversary. it has run as a college comic strip at Cal State Long Beach, was internationally available through a major distributor and has come back as an online comic that is printed and rumored to have more than three readers.

On Elsewhere Joe did everything on it. He wrote it, drew it, set it up for print, hired the printer, did the press check, sent book out to distributors and went to comic shows to promote it. Joe have a BFA in Art/Illustration and have done Master's classes toward and MFA. Most of his career in design, art production and art and have taught these subjects.

Most recent comments left on Elsewhere

16th Jan 2018
I've thought about the idea of having Elsewhere ___ titles for a while now. Several other 'Elsewhere" series have come and gone over the years. Causing various confusion. In Elsewhere there really is the Space Adventure stuff and the School Stories.

Since the school is Beach State University (B.S.U.) where the story takes place and the series started when I went to Cal. State Long Beach (known as 'The Beach') The name of "Elsewhere Beach" seems appropriate for these stories.

Here is the logo design.

F.Y.I. We got a review! Read Review Here!
Left on Elsewhere Beach title
14th Jan 2018
Hey Joseph! We finally got around to reviewing your work over on the Strip Show. Thanks for a good read. Here's the link
Left on Update Sample
man in black
5th Jan 2018
man in black
Looking good
Left on Update Sample
4th Jan 2018
And this year I resolve to work on this project I was supposed to work on this past year. The new series I'm drawing Barrel of Grease Monkeys for CARtoons Magazine has been really eating into my creative time. look at if you want to see some.

I've been looking at editing the Elsewhere pages I've done in hopes of making a good book at it. here is a sample of a heavy edited page from issue #3.

Your thought or comments are always helpful.
Left on Update Sample
29th Oct 2017
I upped this to three pages cause I really like some of the extra stuff and the Peanuts style last panel. I was sketching ideas for the new story while finishing this page off.

But now page 3 is going to wait a while.
Left on Night of the Zombie Sock Monkeys Pt. 2