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you can't burn every bridge.
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the story of embers follows aleksandra and her flatmate, lena, as they develop a friendship during uncertain times in their lives. can aleksandra overcome her demons and close the open books in her past? can lena change aleksandra's point of view? will their bond strengthen into something else?

...also, how is it possible to have so many exes?

contains heavy themes of suicide, alcoholism, mental illness and domestic violence. adults only.


i suck at about mes. sorry. i'm a thirty-something starving artist with did who just likes to tell good stories.
many of the characters in my comics are my alters playing fictional parts or venting real trauma, so they recur throughout different projects. think of them as actors who will change their looks to fit roles if they need to. they love it.

aleks' tumblr
lena's tumblr

(please forgive my handwriting)

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w-wow, this was a comment i really needed to boost my mood this month.
thank you, i sincerely appreciate your encouragement! <3
That's a really cute picture of Lena! :)

Nice to see you're still giving your projects the attention you can muster! Being creative during these trying times is a challenge and I'm always sad to see creators stop posting. Even if I'm not a huge fan, for whatever reason, I still like to see them continue, because it's important that they keep creating and sharing, because someone will find it and it will resonate strongly with them, and that's what it's all about, connecting with others.

Keep on creating, and Happy Holidays to you too! :)
trying to do some art that i can toss in between scenes to break them apart. i thought this would be a cover, but i like the idea of just adding random drawings of the characters doing things.

i'm also hoping i can re-engage readers and get them to join my discord or follow my tumblr. or tip me on kofi. whatever works! i'm making a big move soon, and haven't had the time i usually have for this. i'm hoping to get a patreon set up so these kinds of projects might at least return something that i can put into enabling myself to work on it. (i'm happy to draw it for free, but i've always wanted a little community for my projects and i'm trying really hard to get that started.)

also working on 'interludes' which will be short and humorous stories in between the main one to break the depressing mood up, that may either be contextual or just independent of the actual plot. i mean it, i really am. in between everything else!

those updates will come eventually, but to those who still check in, thanks so much! it's really motivating to see. and yes, i'm completely reworking what i've got here already, so you might not see progression in the story until that's done. (i'm just looking to make the pages consistent in size and try to touch some art up a tiny bit.)

happy holidays btw!
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thank you! <3
This page is incredible.