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The Emergency Coven
A fantasy-horror graphic novel. Updates every Monday!
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Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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A series of mysterious murders shake the town of Milford, Pennsylvania. Adrian Webster, former police officer turned hunter, suspects that the culprit could be the same cult that ruined his life ten years ago. After accidentally saving the life of a drunk musician and finding himself forced to accept the help of a strange werewolf girl, Adrian finds out that there may be more lives at stake than he thought…


Llyrel, 31, Italy. I draw stuff and watch way too many Netflix series.
Currently trying to work on my first webcomic.

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Yep! Looks like the neighborhood wasn't as empty as Kane thought at first... :O

Huh? Someone outside the house noticed some of the event in the house?
The Wilhelm Busch stories were most often quite dark, if not evil if you consider the drawings alone, and were lightened up much by the rhymes below the images. There are images online, but if you can't read German, you only get the drawings without the lightening by the rhymes. And I can't translate the text into English and still keep the rhyme.

But now I found something: Here is one example of Wilhelm Bush's style with very little text. There is probably no need to translate it ;^)
Oooh, I'll have to check those stories out, they sound interesting! :D

Also yep, haha, the vampire attacked! Shape-shifters are definitely edible... although I'm pretty sure Kane would have probably preferred otherwise! :'D
*Super late reply, I just got my computer back from the tech, sorry D: *

Thank you so much, glad you're enjoying the story so far! *O*