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The Emergency Coven
A fantasy-horror graphic novel. Updates every Monday!
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When the cult that destroyed his life comes back to spread terror in town, Adrian knows that it’s time for the coven to reunite. Except that the old members are all gone and the only person who could help him is entirely powerless. Will Adrian find the allies he needs to restore the magic of the Keeper and stop the cult before it is too late?


Llyrel, 32, Leo.
Ginseng coffee addict, metalhead in plainclothes, writer and artist (or so I like to think). I love everything fantasy and I watch way too many series.
Currently working on my first webcomic.

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Aaah yes, I didn't come back to read all the comments. Well, even more interesting.
IMHO it's very strange who knows what - and the things specific... persons... don't know.
I'm rather sure I know who it is, after getting the hint Llyrel dropped in the comments of the previous page. What I totally don't know: How? How can he do that?
How nice. Like a pillow made of nettle.
Can't wait to find what kind of entity it is.
I'd say that is a suspiciously specific hint. ;D

Hm. "Special message"... Hm!