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Last update: 26th Jun 2021, 1:00 AM
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A mysterious creature appears in the bedroom of a guy named Owen, who starts searching for a way to get rid of it.


Published author, with two short stories published traditionally, one self-published, and also a self-published ~90 pages novella. This last one is titled “Corredores Vazios” in Portuguese, the language in which it's originally written. Its title translates to “Empty Hallways” in English, and it’s the work in which the webcomic of the same title is based.

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Yeah, sorry for that, I've changed where I mainly post my alters, so the link is now obsolete, and I've completely forgotten that I put a link to that in this webcomic since I haven't updated it in ages. I do plan on continuing to update it at some point but unfortunately can't make any promises.

Anyway, if you still care at this point, I was supposed to have configured that link to redirect to this page: Pilgrim Alters. My DNS provider's website is having some problems right now so I can't fix the link, but it should get fixed soon.
A blowing up pillow makes "pam!". That's as clear as air full of feathers.
Ah yes, a broken link
This is the last page for the current chapter which I have finished making. I haven't been drawing much on my computer because I've been doing this: http://alters.emptyhallways.com/

That is, Magic: the Gathering card alterations. For those who don't know, the process consists of erasing the original artwork of an MtG card and paiting something else on the card. Most days in the past few weeks I've spend the whole afternoon painting these. People who play the game like to buy them.

I haven't sold a lot of cards yet. I don't expect anyone who reads this comic to be interested in them, but just in case, you can contact me through that page for pricing information on the ones that haven't been sold yet, or to commission a custom one.

I can also do digital portraits, if anyone wold like that. Here's my digital art portfolio: https://art.emptyhallways.com/
Author Note
I messed up and only realized when I was about to upload this page. As I looked at it felt something was missing, so I looked at the script and, yeah, I skipped a whole panel. It was originally meant as the last panel of the previous page, but I apparentely decided to move it to this one because the previous page works better ending the way it did. But alas, I completely forgot to add the panel to this page so I sketched it as if it were still on the previous one.

So instead of changing the whole pages's layout, I just included the speech bubble from that page as the first one here, and hastily drew those tiny Owen and Heather portraits, for the sake of clarity. Not sure if this is better, but it is what it is.
Author Note