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Vanessa Martin is a teenager with a rough past. However, one event in particular would change her life forever. A long forgotten world of magic begins to resurface, and she must adapt to it.


24 years old
MTF Transgender (she/her/hers)

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After yet another lengthy hiatus, I'm back and ready for action! I want to apologize for taking so long again, I just had a lot to deal with like a family member's memorial service, depression, covid shots, as well as other projects. It feels good to be back!
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dumbass girl
I have a new art style! From now on, all future comic pages will be completely digital instead of the hybrid style I have been doing. Also, about my hard drive, I managed to recover/re-download a large portion of the files I lost over the past several days. Thank you so much for your patience.
Author Note
it does
No, it's not. Everything takes place in our world, where isekais take place in other worlds.