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Endurance: In Our Blood
A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke Comic
Last update: 2 days ago, 9:00 PM
Violent Content
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When a pokemon is stolen from Professor Elm's lab, Nagrom and her partner cyndaquil Harold must go on a journey to track down the thief and reclaim their missing friend. What kind of dangers and experiences will they face along the way? Read to find out!

A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke Fancomic, first arc of the Endurance series.

Updates three times a week at 2-3 pm MST (Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays)

-only catch first pokemon per route, no second chances.
-No duplicates (includes same evolutionary line)
-Shinies are exempt
-Nickname every pokemon
-If a pokemon faints, it's considered dead and is perma-boxed
-Only pokeballs, great balls, ultra balls, and dusk balls are allowed, max 5 empty pokeballs at a time
-no non-natural healing items can be bought or used


Howdy Howdy Howdy, I'm purple, a canadian amateur comic artist and 2D animator

You can find me on deviantart, twitter, and youtube as purplechug

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Nagrom's detective skills are great

Since the two probably look similar at a glance (I kept drawing Kendra for the first bit and that was annoying), Farri has a more oval head and is lighter, while Kendra has the more pronounced snout and is darker. Farri also has three wing fingers, while kendra has only two.

Also, little tidbit of Kendra's old life! Probably won't go over this in-comic so fun fact, Farri is Kendra's older brother, but as you might be able to tell from the golbat with all the babies, she has a lot of siblings.
For the most part, unless they're from the same clutch, siblings aren't super close, more like cousins if you had to put a name to it? (like, they can still bond and get close for sure, but they don't automatically spend as much time with them as their clutchmates).
Farri was from the previous clutch so he only knows her as the really annoying little sister that always yaps about going on adventures and getting stronger (also she steals his stash and how the heck did she even find that stash!?)
Author Note
XD lmao
I am not creative with names, and Nagrom may have been a self insert once upon a time back when I was a wee 15-year old doing my first nuzlocke haha..
So uh, three guesses to my name XD
When this far in you realize nagrom is morgan spelled backwards...im disapointed in myself XC
Hey I have plans for the boy! At the very least he has to be bearable XD