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I will find all the secrets of the universe!
Last update: 18th Mar 2022, 7:00 PM
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Dot's mother is a famous space explorer. A famous missing space explorer. Missing like Dot-has-a-letter-from-the-Council-of-Human-Affairs kind of missing, not just the usual Mom-missing.

But Dot has a theory - and a plan. A theory that hinges on an old spacer's fairy tale and plan that relies on Dot's home-grown techno-baubles actually working (for once). But it is a real theory, and a real plan - and with the help of her trusty spaceship, Dot is going to bring her mother home.

Updates 1-2 times a month (1st & 15th).


Small-time comic artist looking to tell some fun stories! In real life, I am a librarian.

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Aww, sorry to hear about your injury. I have health problems which refuse to go away too. But sometimes they get better slowly, so I hope your injury gets better in the end too. :) I look forward to new pages at whatever pace they come.
Hey! Really happy to hear you enjoyed it :) I am working on continuing it - finishing the script and doing more development and design for upcoming chapters because I got kind of burned out doing it on the fly for Chapter 1. Unfortunately I had an injury that just kinda... refuses to go away, so progress has been slow - but I will be posting an update soon on how that's going!
Aww, dat's all? Well, I subbed in case it picks back up. It looks like one of the best new comics ever!
Thank you! I hope I can continue to deliver this same atmosphere. :D
So happy to hear that!