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Sakari Kauria has been enjoying the life of a show bartender for a couple of years. His life isn't glamorous, but it's good enough and he knows how the cogwheels of the world turn. Except he really doesn't.

Luckily, during one chaotically eventful night he encounters Lucifer, a youngster with more knowledge of the strange world they live in, and maybe answers to questions Sakari has about himself that have been bothering him ever since he knew he wasn't normal...

YAOI. There's a lot of unpleasant/taboo subjects in this comic, so if you're sensitive (and there's nothing wrong in being sensitive) I wouldn't recommend this read.


I'm tired all the time.
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Word of advice Sakari. If you get into a fight with someone, make sure it's one you can win.
Sakari might actually agree with Lynn this once.
Author Note
He should remove the plug to release them emotions.
He got friend-zoned :C
Dunno bout you but plugs up my ass feels quite nice rather than horrible there Luci.

Speaking of, he's a bit dense with emotions isn't he.