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Comic profile: The Ennaran Cycles
The Ennaran Cycles
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 15th Feb 2017, 3:23 PM
Number of comics: 18
Number of subscribers: 12
Rating: 4.96 (23 votes)

Comic description

The Cycles concern the events of the world of Ennaran, and the stories of those who live in it.

*First few pages need HEAVY REWORKING. I will get to that one day.*
Current Cycle: The Necromancer.
Much maligned, the Necromancers of Ennaran serve as doctors, shamans and cunning people of their respective steadings. Rarely do they have to tangle in politics, but this is what the Necromancer of Leviat has to face.
Updated when I feel like it.


Hello, I am Trad, a pursuer of a History degree.

|Instagram||Tumblr||YouTube||FurAffinity||Y!Gallery|you what
I'm concentrating on Pros Édra for the moment! There's some idea of a schedule now.

I don't think I'm that anything interesting? Other than the fact that xianyu118 just invited me to be author of quite a few comics and I accepted. :-P

Most recent comments left on The Ennaran Cycles

15th Feb 2017
Yeah, I'm officiating this hiatus. Apologies if you waited for the next page for so long only for this to go up.

Catch me at Pros Edra!
22nd Nov 2016
Funny though. That one guard even apologized to her :D
Not questioning their competency but it is usually the captain who ends being laughed at during drink talks for his boy's lack of... stones ;)
Left on Necromancer 17
21st Nov 2016
Look thieves need to be subtle but Kandra doesn't because because.

Sul's boys do have some sense of organisation, but their age and this situation requires a bit more seniority and experience to deal with hehe
Left on Necromancer 17
20th Nov 2016
I can confirm at least six months of exam moans ;)

That is my Kandra! Fighting the authorities :>
I am actually not sure Sul's boys are any organized so having a prejudiced captain on top of that is kind of trigger happy. I would at least fine her for the entrance though. Worse than a thief -_-;
Left on Necromancer 17
20th Nov 2016
Hey. So it's been a while. Ten months, or so. I'm 19 now, and I created this comic about 4 years ago and it's barely moved an inch. Ah, webcomic time.

So many things have happened, but they namely took the form of academic studies. I've finished my A-Levels recently, and am now applying to university! Can't wait.

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on drawing and other miscellaneous bits and bobs such as pages. Art. Screaming. Music. And generally getting my life into some sort of order. Might need to see about a tuberculosis checkup for visa reasons too. But it's been fun! The dog's also happy to see me, for reasons namely pushing me around and stepping on my feet.

The comics, on the other hand, aren't put on the backburner! I'm trying to draw as much as I can. Hopefully I can increase quantity while preserving quality. Or improving on both concurrently, heh.
Left on Necromancer 17