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【YAOI/BL】Taavi is an elf-human hybrid trying to survive the hatred of the Elves because of his impure blood. Living in the Kingdom of the Wingeds as Arkros’s slave and lover, Taavi dedicates himself to please the general in every way, and thus keeping himself safe. Victim of a trap that takes him away from his owner, Taavi ends up at the mercy of new dangers that change his destiny forever.

WARNINGS: For mature audience only.

Story by Blanxe
Art by R. Molinas and Youko Takabayashi
Translated by Mad Princess (http://mapuri.weebly.com).


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Thank you, Huntik13!
Ohh, a color page! =0o0= It's been a while since I saw one! So, Khedri just ran away from home! That will come and bite him in the butt...

SLIGHT ERRORS: First bubble, the first sentence can flow better. Try writing it as "I should have left a letter so Dad wouldn't worry ABOUT ME."

In the first bubble of last panel, the sentence should be "Why can't I think ABOUT him without my chest FEELING like it's about to explode?!"
Poor Khedri! He's pretty confused, to the point that he hasn't connect all the dots that points to him being Algort's soulmate after everything that's happening! XD I wonder how long it's going to take to him to figure it out...
Ohh, that's a nice name! ^-^
Yes, that's Khedri's name XD Asahri means "child of light".