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Epic Chaos!
A story of revenge gone wrong
Last update: 12th Oct 2020, 3:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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How would you react if you woke up next to your best friends doppelganger? You'd probably react how Melina did. Follow JJ, Melina, Nathan and Epic Nat (EN for short) throughout their adventures through college, jobs, and all of the chaos EN brings with him!


I draw a webcomic called "Epic Chaos!" which is about a group of friends dealing with bad artwork terribly.

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Thanks for checking out my comic!
I just finished a cross country move (not to mention the other insanity that’s been 2020) and things are finally starting to settle down and I’m starting to get back to comic creating!
“Be well”
Just found your comic last month and binged to the end. Great art and story. Hope everything is well with you and you return soon.
He has arrived
Hey everyone!
There's some personal stuff going on on my side of the computer screen, so updates may become a little sporadic.
I can say for certainty that EC! (along with myself) will be taking a month long vacation soon.

I'll have more information within the next few weeks— in the mean time— I can let you all know that I'll be taking a chunk of November and all of December off.

I'll post doodles and such on my Instagram and other social medias when I get a chance to— and I want to let you all know that this is all positive, and I'm very excited to share more information when I'm able to :3

Thank you for being awesome everyone, your comments and nice words has made 2020 a little more bearable, and I can't wait to share more pages with you when I'm able to ♥
Author Note
Look at it this way; at least you started.