Erik Grave and the Mediums at Large
High-Spirited Mysteries
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In an alternate history, undead spirits are everywhere, haunting the living. The exception are mediums-- humans born with certain ghostly abilities, and they help spirits with unfinished business so they can rest in peace.

Erik Grave is a Possessor medium, having the power to control anyone or anything he touches, though he lacks control himself. When a medium named Mitch offers him a summer program called the Mediums at Large, Erik finds himself in a tangle of mysteries and adventures. But someone else may be pulling the strings...


I’m a college graduate obsessed with cartoons, especially anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so these comics are my treasures.

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Finally, I finished all the family designs...

Author Note
Yeah, it's not an easy pick.

If I had to choose, I'd be a Teleporter like Bertha. Travelling would be a cinch!
Hmmm... That's a tricky question. Being able to fly, or go invisible would be fun. Erik's power would be super useful, and also super scary. Being able to teleport is also pretty cool...

Hmm... I'd have to spring for Erik's power, or Bertha's.
And scene! Now for another question...

If you could be any kind of medium, what kind would you be and why? :3
Author Note
I feel like everyone’s going to either love or despise Bertha after this chapter, and it’ll depend on how much you like Erik.