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Erwin The Quantum Cat - the lost episodes
Lost television episodes of a children televisions classic
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 3:38 PM
Number of comics: 9
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Webcomic description

Based on the Erwin character created by Microraptor (cryptida), added characters Ariane Eldar (as Kitty) and others. A children show made around 1978 to 1982 about a cat explaining science.



Most recent comments left on Erwin The Quantum Cat - the lost episodes

6 days ago
I got this very nice 5 page guest comic from Microraptor (who invented Erwin). Check out for the updates!
Left on Hilbert 1
1st Nov 2018
...and Kitty Ariane finally comes out on top!

Also, I newer realized that the Schrödinger's Cat experiment is basically the ideal cliffhanger!
Left on Schroedingers Box 03
29th Oct 2018
"Kitty" Ariane was surely not thinking about Erwin when she comes to heat.
Left on Second
28th Oct 2018
Partly true, since while overpopulation is an undeniable concern, certain sections of the population consume far more resources than others. Of course, the visage of Erwin the Quantum Cat alone replaces sexual drives with paralyzing discomfort in most all settings
Left on Second
27th Oct 2018
As the original show was a bit to intellectual for a mature audience, the producer added the character of Kitty Ariane to get some sympathy from the fathers of the children, too. As Ariane signed in (she didn't really like it, but couldn't afford to reject), suddenly a lot of fathers realized that they didn't know anything about physics and joined their neclected children to watch the show. Not sure if the mothers lover her character so much, though, too.
Left on Schroedingers Box 01