Pokemon: The Essence of Being
A Mewtwo Trying To Find Their Place In Life.
Last update: 4 days ago, 5:00 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Smash! The glass shatters and falls to the floor as the Mewtwo awakens for the first time. Not knowing anything of himself or his own existence, he must find his place in the world one step at a time. But without any help, it might be difficult starting from the ground up. From having to learn to speak from scratch, scrounging for food, and dealing with his own psychic outbursts, it might take a long time to find out why he was even created in the first place.

Updates Sundays and (sometimes) Wednesdays.

Tags: Pokemon, Mewtwo, Eevee, Zoroark


Hiya! I'm Mopruk, or "Mop," and I'm the amateur artist behind the pokemon comic The Essence of Being. If you ever wanna talk or play a game of Overwatch PC (Americas), my discord is Mopruk#6117. Please send me a quick message on ComicFury if you do so I know to accept it.
i assist with coding stuff sometimes

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Insult people to debuff them enough to get away.
I like how brave the bug pokemon is-

It just looks at the Mewtwo and goes, "That thing is like 20x my size, I'm gonna insult it"
Of course! Ronas has never ever never done anything bad in his life ever. Not ever.
You need to have one when people don't watch where they're running after a crime spree.
Thanks for fixing it.