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Honor is a double edged sword!
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Alys is an ambitious girl who aspires to join the Hildegards, an elite group of knights charged with the defense of the realm from various threats both foreign and domestic. The path to knighthood, however, may be a little more difficult than Alys could've ever imagined in this hostile world plagued by war, rogues, beasts and evils.


Offensive and deceitful with the best intentions. That just about sums me up.

June Raffle [2015]Complete.
October Raffle [2015] Complete.
Summer Solstice [2016] Complete.
Honesty Day Raffle [2017] Complete.

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anonymous coward (Guest)
7th Oct 2017
It's a transitive property, all girls and women who try to use the internet are male while using it. The girls turn to boys, and the women turn to men, respectively. We are all, equally, 100% male online, do you need me to show you the dick pics? Because the internet can only be used for gay pickups, and those are much more easily done in whatever part of the nearest large city the gay community hangs out in, hitting on people online is daft. Don't do it.
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6th Oct 2017
LMAOOO :D Good. Good!
Gosh, I want you on my team now. You would fit in TTvTT
Regular chocolate, out of my pocket, guaranteed!!
Now THAT was good :D
I am going to print that and plaster it on our "Wall of Lulz".

There are no girls online because they should be in school or in Bubbleology on Fridays. I was talking about women!
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anonymous coward (Guest)
5th Oct 2017
Thank you for your patience with me stretching my sorely-abused sense of humour. :)
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anonymous coward (Guest)
5th Oct 2017
Do I really have to explain a joke?
-Response case true: The joke is that I wasn't apologizing for making an offensive and insensitive joke, but instead for not making the offensive joke. This is funny because of the inversion of expectations involved, where an apology is given both in the absence of an offensive statement, and also for not making an offensive statement.
-Response case false: Please don't play on my familiarity with programmers and engineers incapable of following most humour unaided to ask for explanations you don't need.

As for the hypothetical of me potentially being female, remember, there are no girls on the internet. Because of that fact, even if I were otherwise female when I'm not near a computer, if you hit on me over the internet you are asking for me to bend you over and stimulate your prostate with my penis. Maybe it's a little bit flattering, but it's completely unnecessary: If I were into that there are other men much more easily available I could persuade to pass the KY and bend over for me.
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4th Oct 2017
This has been a very interesting conversation to read from outsider looking in. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ I'll be uploading the next page soon.
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