The Esterina Chronicles
Last update: 2nd Nov 2021, 2:28 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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Esterina, the younger sister of well-known mercenary Jan Kemeny, was simply tired of being single. So she founded the WGU, Women's Galactic Union. Now she spends her free time looking for a suitable husband for herself, for her friends, and possibly a nice girlfriend for her aloof brother too.
Wedding plans, not-so-evil schemes, quirks & other cosmic silliness.
Updated whimsically (I draw this stuff when I need to do something stupid).


I'm a tattoo artist, comics are my stress-release therapy. My main influences were Jack Vance, Yas and Leiji Matsumoto.

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At least no one can say he didn't put effort into his appearance. I guess it took some time to find some really worn clothes, maybe even some effort to tear them up further. Furthermore I wouldn't be surprised if he let them marinate in some garbage bin for a week or two to get them smell right. And to get his hair and beard look the right way of messy probably took the help of an experienced make-up-artist. Overall his efforts should be lauded, though some people will never appreciate the work.
I know I am late to the party here, but I can't stop wondering if Esterina set the whole thing up for some good shots of Jan for the next WGU campaign. That aside this whole side story had me laughing through its absurdity.
Soo...this is interesting. It's silly amusement and implies that not all men just want to marry a woman for her looks, which I find refreshing. :)

As a bachelor myself, I have to admit that I'd probably be as nervous about running across the WGU as most of the guys already depicted, even if I'm not a handsome young lad like Jan and company.

Personality really does matter. :)
Of course. Firennians are highly predictable.