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Last update: 8th Sep 2021, 7:27 PM
Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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Esterina, the younger sister of well-known mercenary Jan Kemeny, was simply tired of being single. So she founded the WGU, Women's Galactic Union. Now she spends her free time looking for a suitable husband for herself, for her friends, and possibly a nice girlfriend for her aloof brother too.
Wedding plans, not-so-evil schemes, quirks & other cosmic silliness.
Updated whimsically (I draw this stuff when I need to do something stupid).


I'm a tattoo artist, comics are my stress-release therapy. My main influences were Jack Vance, Yas and Leiji Matsumoto.

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They'll NEVER ask that again. :°°°D
I think we need a chaperone for the chaperone! :-D
Esterina Kemeny has an actual job. She's the personal assistant of Terran ambassador Daniel Feinn, the ginger dude with the glasses. He's remarkably unperturbed, I imagine him as an expy of Jame Retief (if you didn't read Keith Laumer's novels, start now. :°D)
The Firennian god is called Orbari and he's a boring embodiment of Order, Toxore is a noble title, and more about their "ancient and refined culture" will follow. >:)
After the fact, however, no one complained anymore about Miss Kemeny going anywhere alone.
(This was his revenge for "Bachelors on the run", btw)
Author Note
Thank you very much! :D
Fantastic art! I really like your colors and the humor is cute! Reminds me of Archie meets Anime:)

Or I guess Manga to be more accurate.