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On a world full of animals with elemental abilities, you follow Pyre as he is exiled from his tribe for being considered a bad omen. Many questions surface that he and his friends have to find the answers to while trouble is brewing on the horizon.


I'm a digital artist and have been for a long time now. I used to be on Smackjeeves a long time ago, but now I'm finally getting back into making comics with better programs, techniques, and more experience. I strive to continue to improve myself in hopes to one day be hired professionally to make comics or games.

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Yeah unfortunately.
Of course... even in the hunting fields he's got to deal with this...
Wow, that was very rood :T

A bit late today. There was a lot going on the past couple weeks such as a freak heat wave, sending out pins, and some personal things- but everything should be cleared out now and I'll be going back on schedule.

Also, I've joined Artfight for the first time! The boys are on there, so if you want a chance to do art trades and draw fanart of Pyre and Tracy, come fight me!
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Yep, the boofs gotta eat too!
Ah yes the true way of nature