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8-year-old Sebastian Hall is a lonely kid. The kids in his class are scared of him because he’s huge. He gets targeted for bullying because he prefers fantasy novels over video games and current pop culture. Oh, and his mom is a teacher here too. Nobody likes it when one of their parents teaches at their school. Exceptionally when she shows him affection in public, which makes him a “momma’s boy” for his classmates to tease him on!

Then one day, a new girl joins his class. 7 ½-year-old Elise Gray has been moved around in foster care since she was a toddler. Because of this, she doesn’t have any friends. When she sees Sebastian, all by himself during recess, she decides to spend time with him. Even though her new classmates warn her about him, she doesn't care. Elise doesn't like to see anyone all alone and sad. She’s determined to fix that by hanging out with him.

So, she did and started a new friendship between them. This is a story of a lonely gentle giant and a small foster girl, growing up in the early 2000s.