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When supernatural, technological, or mythic threats endanger human lives, only the Agency of the Unnatural can rise up to stop them -- but it's the ordinary people who are caught in the crossfire. Jon Grasseschi's ongoing saga explores how people react, live, and just survive when the unexplainable, the impossible, and the just plain weird intrude on their lives.


Fuck yeah, back in the game
And I have changed, never be the same, they should be ashamed

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Still alive.

2020 was my worst year on just about every metric you could care to grade it. 2021 has been a very, very difficult climb back.

Comeback. was meant to be about police corruption and brutality and the relationship between the police and minority populations, and as I was recovering from the first hits of 2020 and was just "running behind", that's when George Floyd was murdered in full view of the public. Didn't feel right for a couple of white guys to be telling that story. Maybe someday.

I'm safe. I've been working on a lot of things and getting nowhere with most of them. I'm missing the Agency a lot.
"Comeback. will start this month."
So... that was 10 months ago...
Hope 2020 didn't get you
Those are some powerful words of wisdom.
You too, Toon!