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Last update: 11th Sep 2020, 11:42 PM
Sexual Situations
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Once upon a time a prince promised her that they would reach the stars together...

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I'm nothing worth mentioning.

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I'm sorry. I was volunteered to help with a special program at my work, and that's pretty much taking up all of my evening probably for the rest of the month. Ugh.

But I'll do my best to finish pages and I want to do a bunch of uploads in October. Thank you for being so patient and I'm sorry.
I'm sure there's a way to get someone transferred out of being a roommate but I didn't consider it when I was writing the chapter. ( o.o)
I was going to say that's mean. ( -_-)
But... well, I guess in a way you're not wrong. lol.
Yeesh, a bully?
Yeesh, being the transfer student always sucks, but this class didn't make things better by being so awkward.