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Last update: 3rd Jun 2019, 9:55 AM
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Name: Evotale Taktik
Genre: Fantasy porn
Rating: R

Software: Blender 2.79, Inkscape 0.92, Krita 3.0, GIMP 2.1, Libre Office 4.4
Authors: Spectre First (story, graphics), Anon E Moose (proofreading, editing)
Status: Completed (ver 0.9)
Production time: 11.11.2018 - 03.06.2019 (approx. 6 months)

Description: Evotale Taktik is a 3D fantasy porn comic that follows paths of several different groups of characters and is partially focused on deconstruction of the genre niche. Entire project was made from scratch on open-sourced software.

- Blender was used as a primary application for modeling, texturing, assembling, generating and pretty much everything else related to graphics. Project's graphics was rendered in real-time using Blender Render's viewport capabilities.
- Most of my textures were either modeled\generated in Blender and baked into bitmaps or modeled in vectors in Inkscape. Some textures were combined from both methods and some textures were done via Krita's filters.
- Inkscape was used for texture modeling\generation and was the main application for assembling panels and text into dynamic pages.
- Krita was used for some minor postwork and color correction as well as making some textures.
- GIMP was used for making textures seamless and normal map generation.
- Libre Office was used as a text processor and file converter.

The project was made with the following goals in mind:
1. First and foremost, my primary goal was to make it all the way through and see if it’s really possible to make a fully-functional comic without an artist in a reasonable time span. The conclusion is yes, it’s possible, the process is hard, slow, laborious and ineffective compared to what an average artist could do but it’s truly possible to make something substantial without having any inborn gifts or talents.
2. Secondary goal was to use only free\open-source (and preferably multi-platform) software so anyone would be able to follow my steps by simply downloading the necessary programs and using the same working pipelines as I did.
3. Third goal was to be as self-sufficient as possible and that’s why an entire comic was made from scratch without using third-party assets – every object and every texture was modeled, painted or generated by me, the only assets I haven’t made myself are fonts and brushes from the standard Krita and GIMP libraries.

My special thanks goes to Anon E Moose who helped me with editing and proofreading the text and supporting me in general during my long and painful journey of creating this comic.


Most recent comments left on Evotale Taktik

Yes, that may actually work as well and it doesn't seem difficult to pull-off but to be honest, I don't want to reconstruct an entire sub-section just for a slightly different flow so perhaps we should leave it as it is. The project isn't set in stone anyway so if that part will somehow become important for something later, I can always get back to it.
> the first pages set up some mildly complicated setting that would (IMHO) rather fit to a longer story, more about the goblins and their "Taktik", less about porny bits.

All of my projects take place in the same setting and there are bigger events happening on the background so Taktik is a part of a longer and bigger story part of which was re-purposed for producing smut. My personal Evotale: Path of Balance is a general fantasy deconstruction and Evotale: Noosphere is a "Monstrum meets Penumbra" open-collaboration survival horror which grew up from a decade-old forum RPG that I hosted so it's not just a bigger story, it's a part of a multi-purpose modular setting.

> And the girls act quite over-confident at the beginning...

They are supposed to because this is one of my key points – both my personal project and Taktik are supposed to show that in regular fantasy typical fantasy "heroes" usually win only because of plot armor and because their enemies act like brain-dead morons. The core concept of Taktik itself is that typical fantasy cannon-fodder becomes, how to put it, a little bit genre-savvy and instead of acting like fodder they act confidently hence the results of encounters with designated protagonists.

> The whole comic is quite short, a ratio of 47 pages to 22 subscriptions is not too shabby at all.

I agree that the overall rating is not absolutely terrible but giving how other smut comics tend to reach 40-90 subscriptions and most of these subscriptions accumulate at the very beginning, it looks like my project have already reached its saturation point and will not bring substantially more people.

> So... that's it? May there be a follow-up project, much later? B-)

Right now I'm in the process of slowly migrating my assets to Blender 2.8 so perhaps I'll try to make something else when I'll get myself fully acquainted with it. Like I said, my current project haven't gained enough traction so I need a good reason to spend my time on something like that again and trying out Eevee may be that reason.

And wow again! That long comment was a plot twist I didn't expect.

>> Was it the graphics which compared to an average porn made in SFM looks like total garbage,

IMHO this looks easily better than everything that involved SFM as much as I recognized it as being involved.

>> was it the overstretched pacing (because seriously, it shouldn't take twenty goddamn pages to get to the first boobshot!),

It took The Rock Cocks exactly as long. Admittedly, their pre-boobshot pacing/flow is IMHO better, but you are in best company with 20 pages.

>> was it the lack of variety because I was unable to make enough unique creatures in time, was it some other flaws which I'm fully aware of, was it my posting schedule

Idk. Actually... thinking about it, the first pages set up some mildly complicated setting that would (IMHO) rather fit to a longer story, more about the goblins and their "Taktik", less about porny bits. And the girls act quite over-confident at the beginning... but that's just my personal opinion. (Before you ask, could I have done it any better, only the writing? No! Once it's finished, I may see some things I might have done differently but I never see my own mistakes and I wouldn't know where to begin with writing a story anyway.) Or...

> or maybe I was just plain unlucky?

That might be the most contributing factor.
That said, let's be honest: The whole comic is quite short, a ratio of 47 pages to 22 subscriptions is not too shabby at all.
*ggg* And I thought that about her speech was some plot device :)

Thank you!
I fully agree with Jamie here.