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Execution Day
It all starts somewhere
Last update: 30th Apr 2013, 12:15 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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20 years ago five people made a deal with a God.
Now as their have to hold up their ends to the bargin, plans are starting to form.

A Fantasy comic book that will change the course of a worlds history, Execution Day is set in the odd world of Anvil and follows a cast of characters rebelling against their place in a prophecy.


I write things, I draw things and I am available for children's parties.

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“Black is Beautiful”
Well done, Nick! I've never seen him look more bad ass!

Hey, I did this painting as part of the Walpurgisnacth Celebration art swap with the United WebComics community. Check out the other stuff by giving this sentence a click.
Author Note
I f****ing LOVE Steam Fist! I'm kind of hoping for another skip week so I can see another installment of him! :D