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Female warriors fighting for survival on a island full of terror
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The world of Niara, full of magic, wars, mysteries and terror! A warrior called Valares, from the former Amazon Clan of Milkmorians, finds herself exiled on Unna Island's with no memory and no clear destiny.
The island is full of terrible challenges and for your survival it'll be up to her to make the best decisions not to be enslaved or killed!


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Frames five, nine, eleven and twelve look good.

Take another look at frame ten.

You removed the redundant "are" but you added an unnecessary article "a." In the following sentence you didn't remove the extra commas. You didn't fix the run-on sentence.
Fixed! Thanks! :)

I'll remember these suggestions in the next time!
Frame five. "But if it refers to your garbage that's in my womb, I'm about to give birth." -- This is supposed to be a conditional sentence. It gives a condition and then a result or response upon a positive finding of the condition. The conditional part of the sentence needs to be separated from the response portion by a comma.

Frame nine. "The goblins are a corrupted version of halflings." Without the article "a" it is clumsy.

Frame ten. "They are cruel, malicious and opportunistic." Or "They're cruel" ... -- "They're are" would mean "they are are."

In the following sentence you use too many commas. In fact none are needed. Rather, the trouble here is that it's a run-on sentence. It should be two sentences instead of just one. Remove the word "and" but start the next sentence at that point.

In the next two frames you use too many commas again. It makes the sentences choppy where they should flow. The word "but" doesn't automatically require a comma to precede it. More often it's not needed.
Fate has also set a terrible end for Helen.
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